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13th, 20th & 27th February Become a Raclette Master with Eddy Baillifard

Learn more about the artistry behind this exceptional cheese with the master of raclette, Eddy Baillifard.

One cold morning, the legend goes, a shepherd put down his cheese a little too close to the fire. He tried the melted cheese anyway and found it delicious – and that’s how raclette was born! The method has since been developed and refined into an art that raclette master Eddy Baillifard will teach you.

You will first tackle a few theoretical questions about the origins of raclette, the tools used and the proper technique for scraping the cheese. Then it’s time to try the real thing and put Eddy’s valuable advice into practice. One firm scrape with the blunt side of a knife and you’re set!

Once you’ve mastered this gesture, you’re ready for that long-awaited moment: tasting the cheese! You can then return home feeling happy, well-fed, and proud to have mastered a new skill. And you’ll have a certificate to prove your raclette-scraping skills, too!

What do I need to do?
1. Online registration is mandatory before 4 pm the day before the activity. No reservation by email.
2. Meet at the Raclett'House on Thursday at 10 am.
3. You will take the cable car to La Chaux alpine pasture for a visit to the cheese dairy. The day will then continue with a hike detailing the history of the alpine pastures.
4. The activity ends at 1 pm.

13th, 20th & 27th February
Price : CHF 80

Online registration HERE

14th February Valentines Romantic and Playfull Hike

Surprises, nature discovery, tasting of love potions and good humor are all on the program as you head for one of the most beautiful views in Verbier!
It's also an opportunity to get to know other people on holiday and share a great day out in the mountains!

Recommended equipment: good shoes suitable for snowshoeing, warm clothing, gloves, hat, sunglasses, and sun protection. A small rucksack with a drink and a snack. Small surprises to eat and drink & free photos.

Wednesday 14 february
Price : CHF 85


15th & 22nd February Torch Light Descent

A special event for good skiers, when the stars are twinkling and the moon is shining, enjoy an exceptional descent.

Organised by the Verbier ski schools, an unforgettable end to the day awaits you.

The descent ends with a complimentary mulled wine.

How does it work?

1.  Online booking required until 16:00 the day before. No booking by email.

2.  Meet at the Médran gondola at 16:15.

3.  Departure from Les Ruinettes at 17:00.

4.  The activity ends with a mulled wine at around 17:45.

This activity is for good skiers only!

Ski level required: parallel skiing on a red piste.

Equipment (not included in the registration fee):

·         Ski pass

·         Ski boots

·         Skis/poles or snowboard

·         Helmet

·         Goggles

·         Appropriate clothing

15.02.2024 / 22.02.2024
From 16:15 to 18:00
CHF 10.-

If the activity is cancelled, you will be contacted by email.

Online registration is mandatory. No reservation by email.

Registration HERE

17th - 25th February No Limits Bruson Freeride Week

Bruson Freeride Week is back in force for the 2024 season with even more events on the programme!

This year, in response to the success of the previous edition and the riders’ enthusiasm, we’re holding no fewer than 4 competitions – 3 FWT Qualifiers and 1 Junior FWT.

During this thrilling week, skiers and snowboarders will have the opportunity to earn points in events from 1* to 3*, which will propel them to different competition levels for the rest of the season.

From 17th until 25th february

More info HERE

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