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E bike trends of 2018 –

02 April 2018

Biking season is nearly here in Verbier, we are preparing to get our rental bikes in April. The lower parts of the valley offer excellent biking possibilities as you can use the lift from Le Chable to Verbier. But if you really want to get a bit further afield why not try an E-Bike?

So, what’s new in the world of E-bikes?

More carbon options! Plus, frames specifically designed to accept the motor and battery mean that the bikes are becoming lighter and stiffer. Better for the ride with a lower balance point and better for the performance, being lighter meaning, you can go further for longer. The carbon will also improve stiffness therefore meaning more of the power and energy goes from the motor and battery to the trail.


Further! harder for longer.


Batteries are becoming more powerful and more compact. There are even several models now which have two batteries integrated into the frame. In the next few years we will see this trend continue as battery technology improves and the weight drops down and power increases. More watts for more kilometres.


Increased integration.

Batteries are now becoming integrated into the frame rather than looking like they were just bolted on as an afterthought (beware some are just hidden with a bit of fender plastic, others are truly integrated into the frame). Bosch have their power tube 550 battery pack, which integrated battery into the frame giving the bike an much more integrated look. Also, we are seeing batteries being used for additional purposes such as lighting and navigation, so in future we will see the main power source providing energy for a whole load of stuff other than just powering the motor. You can even now have an app on your phone that is linked to the bike and can give you personalised pedal assist levels, so that you can tailor your need for speed and make the most of every bit of power from the battery. Watch this space for integrated navigation and safety Features. ABS on a bike?? Yep that’s right car technology is filtering down into the world of bikes now, Bosch have a system that remains charged after the main battery has been turned off for 2 hours and will stop you flying over the handle bars if you get a bit snatchy on the brakes.

Drop into to see us and take an e-bike for a spin.