Mountain Air’s lifestyle boutique features a specially curated range of clothing and accessories that captures our passion for life in the mountains. Our stylists are passionate about every individual piece in the store because each one was picked by hand. From a relaxed après-ski vibe, to technical yoga wear and mens essentials, Mountain Air has brought together an international range of quality and sustainable products that perfectly reflects the Verbier lifestyle.

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R.M williams

"You can screw them up and do what you like. You can't destroy them. We hope they'll wear a long time yet. These boots are made for people who are specialists. People who expect them to last."
- R.M Williams

In nine decades of existence, R.M.Williams has become one of the best-known - and best-loved - footwear brands in the world. Originally built for the men and women of the rugged, unforgiving Australian outback, their iconic one-piece-leather boots have gone on to grace the feet of millions of people, including some of the most famous on the planet.

Bread & Boxers

Bread & Boxers started as an extension of the mini bar, a lifesaver for light travelers, or if you will, room service at its best. 
Bread & Boxers is created with simplicity, comfort and functionality in mind.

All their pieces are designed in Sweden and crafted from the best cotton fabrics for a soft touch and a great fit.


LUMI in Finnish language means snow, so it will come as no surprise to say that the color white is central to the story of LUMI.

Sanna Kantola and Bruno Beaugrand founded LUMI Accessories in 2000 in New York, which had previously designed goods for Ralph Lauren and Tiffany's. 
Today, the designer couple manages the international accessories brand in Finland.

Designers Remix

"I want to create forever items - fashion that women will keep in their closets for decades".
- Charlotte Eskildsen

Designers Remix is a Danish brand that was founded in 2002 by Charlotte Eskildsen with her partner and CEO, Niels Eskildsen. Charlotte Eskildsen brings abstract minimalism to elegance. In an array of forever items with an architectural angle on sophistication. Seen in geometric, organic and asymmetrical silhouettes, exquisite fabrics and 3D accents. Designer Remix is for women who dare to take an unconventional stance on style.

YAYA - Brand of quality goods

YAYA is a Dutch fashion brand that got established in 1992. It's a fashion brand for women who like to dress up casually. Common sense, great quality and desirable, but accessible design are key values to describe YAYA.

Rodd & Gunn

For Rodd & Gunn the changing rhythm of each season offers a fresh opportunity to celebrate relaxed living. New-generation fabrics combined with timeless manufacturing techniques, produce garments that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Every Rodd & Gunn collection is built around iconic pieces that can be effortlessly styled and designs that aspire to transport you to a place that is both relaxed and authentic.

Today Rodd & Gunn remains famous for traditionally tailored shirts, high quality knitwear, pants and jeans that really fit, classic polo shirts, Italian leather shoes, bespoke leather luggage and stylish accessories.