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We know all the best Boots in town

For over 40 years, Mountain Air has developed a unique method to individualise ski boots. Giving guaranteed comfort and optimised skiing performance.
That’s why the wants, needs and dreams of every single skier that comes to see us are so important. Our specially-trained Boot-fitters, will discuss with you, not just your needs and skiing abilities, but the ergonomics of your feet, ankles and knees.
Based on this information, they will recommend the boot shells and liner system that best meet your needs. Using a variety of custom fitting processes that have been perfected over decades of experience, our specialists mould the boots to your feet and adjust them for optimal skiing performance. The process takes around 60 minutes and is completely effortless (for you, that is). You can then test your new boots on the snow straight away. Importantly, all our Bootfitting is guaranteed, so any adjusting required is included and there is a complete money back warranty available for all boots fitted in the shop.

We get very sentimental about our boots at Mountain Air. Each pair that walks out the door is destined for a life of adventure unlike any other.

Our Boots in Action