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The local corner is where you can find all the local knowledge you need. Read up on the latest snow reports, check out the forecast, have a look at the webcam… and call us if you need anything else! Our goal is to make sure you get the information you need to ensure the best possible time with us in Verbier.


Essential Ski Gear for Your Winter Holiday Packing List
Essential Ski Gear for Your Winter Holiday Packing List, with insider knowledge from our friends at European Snowsports: If you’re going skiing for the first time this winter, or if you go every year but always forget an essential piece of kit, we’re here to help! Ski gear can be a tricky one; conditions are always changeable and smaller bits of kit are easy to leave in a drawer at home. But with our handy kit list, you can make sure you’ll always have the absolute essentials to hand. Whilst you are able to rent almost anything you need; like skis, boots and in some cases, outerwear (as we do here at Mountain Air), trust us, there’s some kit that’s better bought yourself!
Charlotte Percle,
As part of Mountain Air’s drive to recognise and promote local talent we would love to introduce one of our sponsored super stars the one and only Charlotte Percle. Charlotte has just started on a very promising career as a film maker. Her first full edit has been a great success. The film follows the exploits of 3 local young riders as they too start out in a career in extreme sports. It tracks the high and lows of competing on the freeride world tour. Charlotte followed their journey physically and emotionally around the globe and through success and failure, her complete love of the mountains and skiing is clearly evident in this beautiful edit.
Future ski trends
Future ski trends – with our friend Patrik Sannes, ski designer at Faction who is the creator of two of our favourite skis this winter; The Prime and the Candide series. What wood cores do you think manufacturers will move towards for upcoming ski designs? - I think that the lightweight wood core trend will continue for quite a while, especially wood types like Balsa, Paulownia and lightweight Poplar in combination with classical hardwoods like Ash and Beech. I think there will be better combinations of the wood types available that will start to make their way into skis. I think this trend is going to continue since a lot of the lightweight skis available at the moment don't ski great and they need improvement.
6 reasons to visit Mountain Air
So, you know about the heaps of stuff that already goes on here in Mountain Air. In addition to these great products you know about we have some great new things you might not know about. Giving you 6 more reasons to come down and have a look around. 1 - In the software department, the new Montura range has landed – Montura represents the new spirit of exploration in the mountains. Fast light and practical are all key concepts for this brand. You will see tons of the Patroille de Glacier teams wearing this kit for exactly those reasons. Mammut Eiger Extreme– The all new range from Mammut, is exactly what you need in the high Alpine environment of Verbier. Designed in Switzerland, this brands can cope with everything that the mountains throw at you including high alpine expeditions, ski tours and ice climbing –the new Eiger Extreme collection offers the perfect product system for extreme conditions. Where did they get this knowledge? From the most ambitious athletes in the world.