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Lempi Scented Candle

[’lem.pi] Old Finnish for ‘love’. In Finland there is an old saying that goes ‘love doesn’t have to be perfect, but genuine’. The same can be said of a Nordic summer, its hopes and its treasured warmth shared. 200g / 50 hours

CHF 40

Pilo Fabric Shaver

Pilo Fabric Shaver

CHF 45

Pet Bed Refresher

Pet Bed Refresher

CHF 15

Inspiring Family Homes

Families create homes, and homes keep families together. Inspiring Family Homes will explore what it means to live and share the space with those closest to us from a design perspective.

CHF 65

Skog Scented Diffuser

[’skuːg] Swedish/Norwegian for ‘forest’. Boreal forests cover over half the Scandinavian lands, stretching from the southernmost county of Sweden to the Arctic Circle. 200ml / 3+ months

CHF 60

RO Mini Hand Cream

RO [’ruː] Scandinavian for ‘tranquility’. Peace, calm and tranquility from the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A small word with great meaning shared by all three Scandinavian languages. 30ml.

CHF 13

Zermatt Kids Standard WZ

Comfy and cosy kids slipper.

CHF 60

Waves Laptop Sleeve 13"

The Waves Laptop Sleeve 13" keeps your device safe and protected wherever you go.

CHF 59

E - Salmiak

A daring pairing of white chocolate and a salty liquorice core. As the creamy white chocolate melts in your mouth, small pockets of intriguing raw liquorice powder are revealed, making it a perfectly balanced sweet-salty experience.

CHF 18

Escapes: Winter

The most beautiful Alpine passes in hibernation In summer, the Alps inspire every car and motorcyclist with mountain panoramas visible from afar, rugged slopes along the winding roads and rapid routes through rugged rocky landscapes.

CHF 69

Ashtanga Yoga

Photographer Richard Pilnick has created an unprecedented study of the asanas in the first four series by working with four of the leading teachers from the global community, all of whom studied under the guidance of the father of Ashtanga yoga, Sri K.

CHF 59

Boomer 4 Dog Bowl

YETI's customer-favorite Boomer Dog Bowl now comes in a smaller pawprint. This four-cup bowl is built for the smaller adventure companions who still require the same rugged durability and smart, non-slip design.

CHF 50