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22 June 2024

Join us for the Bike Maintenance 2.0! 🚴


Are you a biking enthusiast looking to sharpen your maintenance skills? Then we have the perfect event for you! We’re excited to invite you to the Bike Maintenance 2.0 event on Wednesday, July 10th at 17:00. This year, you can bring your own bike and learn valuable tips and tricks to keep your ride in top shape.

What to Expect:

Dealing with Punctures – Tubeless & Inner Tube:

Learn how to handle punctures like a pro, whether you're using tubeless tires or traditional inner tubes. You will learn how to fix flats quickly and efficiently, so you're never stranded on the trail.

Changing Brake Pads:

Brakes are one of the most crucial components of your bike. We'll show you how to change your brake pads to ensure you're always in control, no matter the terrain.

Chain & Suspension Lubrication:

A well-lubricated chain and suspension can make a world of difference in your ride's performance. Learn the best practices for keeping these parts running smoothly and extending their lifespan.


One Brunox Duo Spray as a gift to people who participate!


Limited Spots Available! Don't miss out – fill in the registration form NOW to secure your spot! But, REGISTER ONLY IF YOU CAN ATTEND – We need accurate numbers for a smooth event.