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Emily Vaudan our endurance athlete

01 November 2017

Emily Vaudan our endurance athlete.


Tell us a little about yourself Emily, You are originally from the Val de Bagnes?

My name is Emily Vaudan, I was born on the 31.03.1983, in Bruson, the most beautiful village in the world 😊 I currently live in Châble and am an accountant at the Fiduciaire Alpina in Châble and Verbier.


You are a serious athlete and compete in various sports but which is your main passion, is it ski touring, trail running or road biking?

I like sport in general because I spend all day at my desk thinking, so sport gives me the reason to get into the mountains.

I was nearly born on skis and from there I continued to skis as often as possible, starting with downhill with the help of my dad. Then I discovered ski touring and it opened a world of untouched powder and a chance to get away from the lifts and the crowds.

In summer, my favourite discipline is trail running but my joints thank me when I do little road biking or mountain bike.

I also love climbing the passes of the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia on my road bike.



You won the trail St Bernard (la traversée) this year, and the Arolla -Verbier PDG 2016, congratulations! What have you set your sights on for the end of 2017 and 2018?

I just hope to be drawn to participate in the big PDG from Zermatt

2018: I will participate in several skimo races during the winter in order to better prepare the PDG and from the month of May I put the skis away and get on the trail with some nice little projects 😊


We have two teams from MA and you have four that you are managing for the PDG this year. As a previous winner and general local legend when it comes to things like this, have you got any training tips for hopeful entrants of the PDG this year?


Start your training now, even if you are not sure of getting a place for the PDG, all that is not done now is more to do later. Train a lot but never too much, rest is also very important to progress.

Do not train with your head down, look around and take the time to admire the beautiful landscapes where you have the chance to train.


Have you got any equipment tips for this year’s PDG? What skis will you be racing on? And with what boots? Have you got yourself a new helmet to meet the new rules for skimo racing?

I just bought the new TRAB helmet to be in the new standards.

Shoes: Pierre Gignoux

Skis: I still hesitate between 2 brands, I will wait for the snow to test.

I won the last PDG with Movement Rise Pro which I loved so we will see.


Where do you like to train mostly? You were seen skiing up the road when the first snow arrived, guess you are ready to start training?

My favourite course: Departure from my home in Le Châble to the top of the Six Blanc above the slopes of Bruson ... Loooooong climb ... very good for endurance. And then stop at my parents' chalet on the descent to drink tea and eat a piece of my mum's cake

Or Lourtier-Rogneux: 2000m of elevation which corresponds to the gradients of the small PDG with a stop at the cabin Brunet to drink a coffee with Jean-Marc.

What do you like to do when you are not training for endurance events? If there is any time for other stuff?


My family and friends are very important so as soon as I have some time away from workouts and work they also takes a lot of my time. I like to make time for those guys. They help me recharge my batteries and give me their opinion on my what my next challenge should be.


Do you agree that Skimo is one of the best ways to stay in shape for the beginning of the trail running season? When you take off your skis and put back on your running shoes it must feel like you are flying?


Yes, always stay active anyway. Skimo is great because it does a lot of work cardio and also requires a lot of muscle because as you have to have strength in the thighs for the downhill. For sure, in spring when we put away the skis, the big backpack with the rope, the harness, the ice axe, ... we feel all light with just only sneakers and a little trail bag.


Are you excited about the 10th edition of the trail St Bernard next July? Will you enter the la traversée again at the longer distance of 73km? or perhaps the shorter Marathon?


Never shorter ... unless you are coming back from injury or have a longer race the following weekend!

I think I will stick with the X-Traversée,  it’s my course anyway ... and who knows maybe one day I'll dare to start on the big loop of the X-Alpine.