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Is delivery service just for Verbier´s rich and famous celebrities?

03 December 2017

Having your ski equipment delivered to your door must cost a small fortune, right? Surely it`s the preserve of Verbier`s long list of celebrities and super rich?

Well this might come as a surprise but actually you can have this amazing service for the usual price of renting equipment in the shop.

Instead of standing in line with the others, you can have us do the hard work for you! Then when you are ready we will come around to your chalet and kit you out with all the best gear, while you have a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of champagne.

It also happens to be faster, meaning more time for whatever it is that makes a holiday a holiday for you. When we arrive, we have already adjusted all skis to boots and set the bindings according to your requirements. But if you don’t get on well with the boots or skis we picked out for you first, we will keep swapping them until you are happy. All of this in the comfort of your chalet.

You might have assumed that delivery service is the reserve of the super-rich and super famous but it can be your own little slice of luxury at the same price as a normal rental.

How does it work?

You send us your details, on our online form that gives us all the information that we need to make up the order. We will select equipment based on the current weather conditions and your preference and ability. Ie you are a super piste charger who wants to ski fast long turns, then we will choose you a GS ski. Or if you tell us that you want to ride Verbier’s incredible backcountry then we make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Not 100% happy? If you find that you change your mind or the conditions change meaning you want another ski, then of course it´s no problem at all. You can either ski to the door of our shop at the #Placeblanche and we can switch you over or just give us a call and we will come around and swap your equipment while you tuck into your canape’s. The same is true if you have an issue with your boots, we all know that feeling when you first try the boots and they feel great, then after the first few turns you start to realise that maybe they are not quite as comfortable as you first imagined. Time to swap the boots, just give us a call and in the same way as the skis you can either ski into the shop or we will swing by your place and make the change.


We also have the option to store the equipment that we delivered to you, here in the shop. This means that if you are a little out of the way or if you just fancy a drink after skiing but don´t want to lug your stuff around town. You can leave your shoes here while you ski and they will be waiting for you upon your return. Convenience is key to a stress free and relaxing holiday. We are super focused on that here at Mountain Air, so have every service that you can imagine under one roof.


How could it get any better? Just as we do in the shop we guarantee that our prices are the best in town. If you find another shop offering the same service cheaper then we will happily match the price. This way you have peace of mind that you are receiving the best quality service in town safe in the knowledge that we are also offering the best prices. Quite literally the best of all worlds.