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27 October 2023

What’s Hot 23/24 - Skis Hardware


Candide Thovex New Line of Skis





You might already know about "CANDIDE," the brand created by Candide Thovex, offering technical ski clothing and a range of accessories and lifestyle products. But, did you know he just launched his new ski line? That's right! And in Verbier, you'll only find them at Mountain Air. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


Black Crows Mirus Cor 2024

Black Crows

CHF 870


The Mirus Cor is a remarkable hybrid ski bridging the gap between the freestyle and piste worlds by Blackcrows. It is skied relatively short and has a very tight turn radius making it an ultra-responsive ski with excellent maneuverability. Its 87mm waist, designed in an all-mountain style, makes it versatile on all types of snow conditions and, in addition to these qualities, it features a double rocker with a tail rocker, a classic camber, and a titanal plate in the middle of the ski. This adds rebound to the ski, making it lively for carving and playful in mogul fields or on the edge of the piste for freestyle elements.


Blizzard Hustle 11


CHF 900


The Blizzard Hustle 11 is a versatile freeride ski tailored for experienced skiers. As part of the Hustle series, it combines playfulness, high performance, and lightweight design. Its well-balanced double rocker ensures exceptional maneuverability and outstanding powder flotation, making it ideal for off-piste adventures and agile turns. With a 114mm waist, it excels in freeride conditions, staying afloat even in technical terrain.


K2 Wayback 98 - Women


CHF 820


A ski tailored for mountain-loving women, designed for touring and freeride adventures. It ensures excellent performance in all conditions. Thanks to its Paulownia wood core, it combines strength and lightness for extended outings. Its 98mm waist width provides excellent powder floatation while maintaining great maneuverability on demanding terrain. The traditional camber, combined with a double front rocker, ensures effective grip on compact snow and ease of turning, even on wide arcs.


K2 Wayback - Men


CHF 820


This lightweight ski is a highly versatile choice for skiers who like to vary their pleasure. The Wayback range offers excellent downhill performance, a grip worthy of the name and impressive stability on all types of snow. Equipped with a Snowphobic top sheet, the snow doesn't stick to it, so the ski doesn't get weighed down. The ingenious Skin Grommets system is easy to use and ultra-reliable.

Titanal Touring Technology combined with a lightweight, responsive Paulownia wood construction offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. What's more, it's reinforced with two layers of carbon and fibreglass to send it fearlessly down any slope.

The 98mm version of the Wayback is now the second widest ski in the range after the 106. Despite its love of downhill skiing, where the ski will have no trouble getting off the ground in fresh snow, tackling steep couloirs and even carving on hard snow with its alpine character, this ski is certainly not afraid of the positive vertical drop. Perfect for ski touring/free touring, it's designed for advanced to expert skiers and will delight you with its performance worthy of a true freeride ski.


Les Batons d’Alain

Les Batons d’Alain

CHF 129


Ultra-versatile one-piece poles with an extended ergonomic grip. In a variety of grip colors: Pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, gray, black, Rasta, French flag, Italian flag.