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Trio of performance snowboard gear for sale here at Mountain Air.

10 March 2018

Deeluxe – Let’s start from the bottom up. “The small, independent label out of Kufstein in Tirol put all their energy into developing high quality snowboard boots and, for 20 years now, the guys and girls at Deeluxe have been fine tuning their new technologies.”

In line with our back-country ethos here at Mountain Air we stock the Empire which will meet the needs of riders who want to explore the back-country in the morning and ride kickers in the afternoon. This boot handles it all. Plus we have this in the Lara version for the ladies.

We also stock the Spark XV. “When it’s time to explore, the Spark XV is right with you”. Designed with Verbier Local, Xavier de Le Rue. This fifth generation Spark boot features a lightweight design to enable you to get out there and explore.

The Deemon Team is the go-to boot for many Deeluxe team riders. Young bucks and old schoolers alike find the perfect blend of comfort and response in its asymmetrical Custom Flex construction.

Our selection of boots all have the best TFP liners which are fully customer modable here in the shop, with our world renowned bootfitters.


Union Bindings. This transfer of weight from the boot to the board is all about the binding! Union bindings are respect the world over. Riders like Travis Rice and Ryan Tiene push the binding company hard to make sure that the bindings they ride are the best out there. All Union bindings are guaranteed for life so you can depend on their hardware to keep you riding all season long. Models include;

Explore – The split board binding of choice. “Built to minimize the time it takes to convert from climb mode to ride mode, the Union Split System is not only simple to use, but the unique connection between binding and board also maintains the torsional strength of your splitboard. This gives you the performance you expect from your snowboard along with the performance you expect from Union.”

Atlas – The all mountain legend.

Strong and reliable with an updated strap to keep you locked in and pumped for whatever the mountain throws at you.

Force – This binding is great for those on a budget but who don’t want to compromise on durability. Union says it’s perfect for guys who ride 100+ days a season.

Contact Pro – For those who like it loose. A small plate and a softer general flex allow this bindings to feel surfy and let the board flex as it was designed to.

Trilogy – All day comfort all season long, with the addition of strength 4 times more than aluminium. Strength and comfort. What more could you want? A life time guarantee perhaps? Ladies specific binding with all the features you could want.



Jones Boards are widely regarded as the best boards in the business. We believe so which is why we stock the highlights across the range of boards. Including;

Flagship - Steep, deep, hardpack or chunder, the Flagship crushes in all conditions and is widely known as one of the most confidence inspiring freeride boards on the planet. Jeremy Jones spent the last 20 years honing every detail of the Flagship to offer such breakthrough performance including the Spoon 3.0 nose and tail.


Mountain Twin - Playful yet precise, the Mountain Twin is the board for freestylin’ freeriders who want one board that can do it all. It’s designed to shred the entire mountain like it’s your own personal skatepark without sacrificing high-speed, line-bombing stability. Rocker tip and tail make poppin’ pillows or pressin’ boxes equally easy and give the Mountain Twin float and finesse in soft snow. 


Twin sister - The Twin Sister is the board for women who like to dance down the mountain and shred the most playful path possible. Traction Tech keeps the Twin Sister locked in every turn while the Cam Rock profile allows you to float through deep pow and pop off terrain features equally easy riding regular or switch. Women looking for a stable and high-performance board that’s easy to rally anywhere want the Twin Sister


Hovercraft - Supreme float and rally car-like handling have earned the Hovercraft a cult following. Riders around the world swear by the Hovercraft’s nimble maneuverability as this power-packed board deftly handles blower, crud or crust one and the same. The Hovercraft features a Spoon 4.0 Nose and Speed Channel tail.


Solution - Still the best selling splitboard in the world, the Solution delivers unrivaled backcountry performance in any terrain. The blunt nose, directional rocker profile and inner/outer edge Traction Tech keep you locked in and gliding fast no matter where you roam.


Explore - The Explorer is designed for both pow days or park days as the floaty, freeride nose is matched with a freestyle tail. Directional Rocker makes it easy to butter or stomp and the Traction Tech provides confident stability riding through tech terrain or unexpectedly rough snow conditions.


So, if you are looking for top quality snowboard equipment and expert advice come in and see us in store, or contact us with the details below.

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